AMD Product launch

We teamed up with Hunt, Gather to blow people's minds for AMD's product launch of their new Ryzen system.  We developed the experience and shot live mixed reality during the launch event which streamed to thousands of viewers all around the world.

The Experience

You are in a room with a single computer chip floating in mid air. Once you grab it, the walls fall down and you find yourself on a plank of wood one thousand feet above a mountain range.  As you continue to build the new Ryzen PC,  the environment changes around you, including a few surprises.  4D effects helped to fully immerse each guest, including a rumble pack strapped to your back and fans that turn on when the walls fall down. 

AMD VR experiences showcased with live streaming mixed reality, with subpac and 4D effects during the AMD Ryzen launch 

Mixed Reality

We captured each experience and displayed live mixed reality to various screens throughout the venue as well as live streaming via AMD's YouTube. This attracted more guests to get in line to try the experience for themselves. Needless to say, guests were lined up for the experience during the entire event! 

The "Awe"

AMD was thrilled to have such an amazing experience running on the same PC they were launching.  It proved, live, that the Ryzen system could handle robust VR experiences, and their fans were amazed.