VR Mixed Reality @ OTC

OTC is the world's largest Oil & Gas conference.  This was the first time Mixed Reality was showcased at OTC, and it was a bit hit.  We gave OTC onlookers a view inside artist Jennifer Stelco's 3D painted world as she visualized Baker Hughes products.


Share Eye-Catching VR with Your Audience

Baker Hughes wanted a completely new way to show their products.  With the talents of artist Jennifer Stelco painting those products in Tilt Brush, we utilized live mixed reality to show her surrounded by her artwork, on the big screen. 

During the performance, specialists spoke about the specific features of each product as they were being painted. 

Our setup was quick and clean.  The VR performances took place 4 times throughout each day of the conference. Each time, Jennifer created a new work of art.  We brought out a pop-up green screen for the performance that took all of 3 minutes to set up. 

Why Mixed Reality?

Standard VR setups in the conference space don't show a reference as to what the user is experiencing in VR. When the shaky point of view perspective is displayed on a large screen, people loose interest and feel nauseating after a few minutes.

By using mixed reality, we were able to share the experience with onlookers, and potential customers in a new and unique way. 

A Packed Booth

Viewers spilled out into the walkways during the art performances. Stills of each art piece were exported and sent to a photography booth, where guests could get their photo taken in front of the VR art and share it via email & social media.