NSK - Build A Bearing VR Experience

NSK is a global manufacturer of large industrial bearings.  We built a fun and  informative VR experience that challenges users to build an NSK bearing quickly before time runs out.

Screen shot of VR game as NSK bearing is assembled. 

You have 5 minute to complete this task

In this 5 minute experience, users race against the clock to build a bearing assembly.  Guided by a custom built hovering robot, the user has to follow the same assembly order an actual technician would. If you run our of time, the steel mill collapses! 

Is this real? 

The bearing elements were taking from their actual CAD model counterparts, and look precisely as they do in real life (just not as heavy!)  Users got to get an up close look at full scale NSK products, while interacting and having some fun in the process.

NSK roll neck bearing being completed in VR Mixed Reality

Successful ending to the completion of the NSK VR game


It's a great feeling isn't it?!  Our client was extremely happy with the final product.  The warehouse environment in was built to add more mini games/experiences in the future, so eventually every VR experience will be in one app.