Whole Foods 365 StoRE VR Experience

Our partners Hunt, Gather produced this VR experience for Whole Foods' new 365 store, giving global team members a unique first look at the new store concept. Hybrid-VR developed the back end of the experience, including 3D modeling, animation and artwork. 

Point of view of VR experience showing diagram of entire Whole Foods 365 store

Point of view of VR experience showing diagram of entire Whole Foods 365 store

The Exact Store

Hunt, Gather, with the help of Hybrid VR, was able to photo scan the Lake Oswego store in Portland Oregon and with a combination of architectural 3D renders, make an exact replica of the store in virtual reality. 

Once the experience begins, users chose which part of the store they'd like to visit. 

A Virtual Tour, but much more fun

The experience was guided by a friendly talking alpaca (the store mascot), who gave the guest valuable information about the new features of the store and helped them move through the experience seamlessly, all geared for an audience who had never enjoyed, much less heard of VR before. 

We "game-ified" aspects of the experience, so guests could take a swig of wine, juggle tomatoes, or even bowl some frozen chickens! This can be seen the in the amazing mixed reality video produced by Hybrid VR, filmed in Originator Studios where both Hybrid VR and Hunt, Gather call home.

The Takeaway

The final product was an absolute success.  Guests got to get a tour of the store without having to travel across the country to see it. The client was able to take the experience and re-use it as needed for future events & meetings.  The door is open for future add-ons to this experience (other parts of the store) and we couldn't be happier with the product!